If you see a charge that is incorrect, the first step is to contact the seller to attempt to resolve the issue. They may be able to give a refund, help with a return, or resolve any problems you have.

If you are unable to come to a resolution with the other party, you can open a dispute within 90 days of the transaction date.

To dispute a charge:

  1. Open the Solo app.

  2. On the bottom of the screen, click Cards

  3. Click the 3 dots in the lower left corner of your card. (next to the eye icon)

  4. Locate your recent activity, and click the charge you wish to dispute.

    • NOTE: The charge must be completed before you can dispute the charge.

  5. Click Dispute Charge

  6. Click Get Started

  7. Click the appropriate reason for the dispute.

  8. Click the appropriate product type (merchandise or offline services)

  9. Fill out description

  10. Fill out explanation (optional)

  11. Upload additional documentation (optional)

  12. Click Submit

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