Once you complete your profile, you can request a limit increase:

  1. Open the Solo app

  2. Click your initial in the upper right-hand corner

  3. Scroll down to Settings and click Limits

  4. Click Request Limits Increase

  5. Confirm your Social Security Number and hit Next

  6. Link your bank account

    • Confirm your bank information for security purposes

  7. Your request has been submitted and will be reviewed by a member of our team. You will be notified as soon as the review is complete.

You can request a limit increase once every 30 days. Solo never pulls your credit for any limit increase requests.

Note: In some cases you may be assigned a limit of $0. If you are assigned a limit of $0 you will need to wait until your limits have been determined to request an increase, we will email you when your limit is ready.

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